HORSE WELDING supply wire straightening machineAutomatic Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine

HORSE WELDING wire straighten machine with High-performance controller which improves the precision of wire feeding and cutting, as well as processing speed.

The machine is with High precision, high durability, high stability, convenient operating and cost saving features.



  • Model: HWS-100
  • Wire Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized wire, spring steel wire.
  • Wire Diameter: Ø2mm—Ø4mm
  • Rated Input Voltage: 380-3P + Null Line (Customized)
  • Transformer Design Power: 4KVA
  • Speed: Up to a maximum of 100m/min
  • Length range: within 10 meters


Video of Machine:


Features of Our Cage Machine:

1. High precision: Cutting accuracy of fixed length is ±0.5mm, high straightness of material opening, and good flatness of cut.

2. High precision: Encoder and servo motor form a fully closed-loop wire feeding control system to ensure that the diameter error is less than 0.5mm.

3. Servo electrode drive is adopted, the input power is 2.3KVA, and the wire feeding is stable, fast and accurate.

4. Electromagnetic oil valves and oil pumps are made in Taiwan, professionally designed and manufactured valve plates, with stable oil pressure and reliable speed.

5. Powerful storage function, which can store multiple sets of workpiece design parameters, save setting time, facilitate management, and improve production efficiency.

6. LCD screen, good man-machine interface, the operator can control accurately and quickly.

7. The preset counter is convenient for workpiece statistics.

8. Reserved interface, easy to expand the function to achieve a multi-purpose machine.

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