Horse Welding supply Automatic Snap Band Cutting MachineAutomatic Snap Band Cutting Machine

The snap band machine is for automatic cutting, punching of snap rings for filter bags.

The PLC system controls automatic feeding, automatic clamping, and automatic cutting actions. Using this machine can significantly reduce the labor intensity of operators and improve production efficiency.

Machine with high precision, which is critical part of snap rings.


Video of Machine:


Features of Our Snap Band Cutting Machine:

1. Production rate of 36 pieces per minute, feeding accuracy within 20 seconds.

2. Punch automatic feeding machine system - Using Japanese Mitsubishi FX Series

3. The punch automatic feeding machine is easy to operate with high precision.

4. During operation, simply set the parameters on the touch screen.

5. servo system will automatically determine the feeding length each time according to the preset values.

6. Operators only need to monitor whether the machine is working properly, no need for adjustments each time.

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