filter cage making machineFilter Cage Welding Machine

HORSE WELDING manufactures High Efficiency Filter Cage Welding Machine, can use Intermediate Frequency welding technology to accomplish best welding quality and saving power more than 35% while upon high efficiency of cage production.

HORSE Filter cage welding machine is saving power, reduce work intensity, easier operating, safer, and a machine can be upgraded from software and hardware.

A cage machine to solve your problems when making cages and to reduce cost and improving cage quality by automation and intermediate frequency welding technology!



  • Model: FCW-24-M
  • Cage Shape: Round, Oval, Flat, Star, Square or other special design cages.
  • Wire Materia: carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized wire, titanium wire.
  • Wire Diameter: Ø2.8—Ø4mm
  • Cage Specification: 8\10\12\16\20\24 wire cage,Max length 8200mm; Cage Diameter: Ø110-Ø195
  • Rated Input Voltage: 380-3P + Null Line (Customized)
  • Transformer Design Power: 75KVA
  • Transformer Quantity: 2 sets \ AC or IF
  • Instant Power Consumption of Ring and Vertical Wire: Simultaneous power supply - 30KVA
  • Control and Operating interface, Touch Screen
  • Trolly Structure: Servo motor + Automatic Wire Calmping Mecahnism
  • Cooling Method: Water Cooling
  • Power supply requirements: Single Phase Voltage:220V(-5%~+10%),50HZ\Three Phase Voltage:380V(-5%~+10%),50HZ or customized according to customer's power grid.
  • Gas supply requirements Gas supply requirements: 3 Cube/Min,0.6-0.8mpa(Two Set of Cage Machine Line)


Video of Machine:


Features of Our Cage Machine:

- This machine uses 2pcs of AC welding power sources or Medium Frequency Inverter DC welding power sources. The entire welding system is composed of a controller, AC or medium frequency transformer, welding circuit, pressure mechanism, and workpiece.

- The pulling cage motor is a servo motor

- A specially designed wire clamping and cage pulling trolley produces a clear effect in aligning the cage during wire clamping and cage pulling.

- Adjustable mold core provides better welding accuracy and is easy to replace.

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